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Big Data/Data Sciences

The following institutions would like to collaborate in the area of Big Data/Data Sciences. High-level areas are described with a contact link for more information. Interested in submitting a project or accessing project requests? Contact us or visit the Big Data Community Board (coming soon).

  • Acadia University

    Keywords: Agronomics and agricultural analytics, data analytics, data management, data mining, mathematical modelling, precision agriculture, rural.

    The Acadia Institute of Data Analytics (AIDA) is an organization dedicated to facilitating research, application, promotion, and education of data analytics to overcome challenges facing industry, government and society, particularly in rural Canada.

    Springboard Contact:

    Leigh Huestis, Director
, Tel: 902-585-1425,

  • Dalhousie University

    Keywords: Analytics, data mining, mobile graphics, visualization.

    Institute for Big Data Analytics - Creates knowledge and expertise in the field of Big Data analytics by facilitating fundamental, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, advanced applications, advanced training and partnerships with industry.

    Stan Matwin, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair and Professor of Computer Science, Director, Institute for Big Data Analytics,

    Springboard Contact:

    Kevin Dunn, Director
, Tel: 902-494-1648

  • Memorial University

    Keywords: Analytics for biological/environmental / ecological trends, automation, bioinformatics, crowd sourcing, data analytics, data and text mining, data architectures, data governance, data management, data security, data visualisation, data warehousing, financial analytics, genetics and health analytics, high performance computing and distributed computing, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, privacy and confidentiality, social media, transactional data.

    Springboard Contact:

    David King
, President & CEO, GENESIS Group Inc., Tel: 709-864-2680

  • Saint Mary’s University

    Keywords: Data cave, data mining.

    The Data Cave is a three dimensional immersive environment designed for visualizing complex simulations.  The Data Cave is part of ACEnet and helps to visualize three dimensional simulations of anything from stars and bathymetric data to landscape architecture, internal or external building models, human-scale industrial product designs, and even molecular structures.

    Data mining experts use sophisticated search capabilities and algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large data sets, assisting companies to discover new meaning in their collected data.

    Springboard Contact:

    Kevin Buchan, Director, Tel: 902-491-6297,

  • University of New Brunswick

    Keywords: Algorithm Design and Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Negotiation, Automated Reasoning, Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, Combinatorics, Complex Adaptive Systems, Computational Biology, Computational Complexity, Computational Security, Computer Networks – Interoperability and Traffic Engineering, Data Communication, Data Mining, Data Structures, Decision Theory, Digital Design, e-Learning, Electronic Commerce, Embedded Systems, Graph Theory, Graphical and Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning, Hardware and Software Co-Design, Heterogeneous Interworking, Image Processing, Intelligent Systems, Internet Computing, Knowledge Engineering, Learning Theory, Legacy Computing, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Mobile Hotspots, Multi-agent Systems, Network Scheduling, Network Security, Neural Networks, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Parameterized Complexity, Preference Elicitation, Problem Analysis, Programming Languages and Systems, Reconfigurable Computing, Reversible Logic, Semantic Technologies, Service Computing, Software Engineering, Software Systems, Three-Dimensional Computer Vision, User Modeling, Voice Over IP, Wireless Multimedia Communications, Wireless Networking.

    Springboard Contact:

    Alison MacNevin, Knowledge Transfer Officer, Office of Research Services, Tel: 506- 447-3296,