Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network


Springboard Atlantic Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with ownership from all 18 post-secondary institutions doing research in Atlantic Canada. Formed in 2004, Springboard supports its member institutions by creating and establishing a solid base of resources, expertise and capacity to commercialize and transfer academic knowledge and research to industry.

Springboard’s Vision:

To provide long term support and growth to Atlantic Canada’s economy as a sustainable organisation, through the delivery and support of research outcomes, research capacity, and technology and knowledge transfer from the education institutions in the region to industry through industry engagement.

Springboard’s Mission:

To mobilize innovation to enhance the economic development of the region. Mobilizing innovation is to accelerate technology and knowledge transfer through industry engagement from Springboard’s member constituents to the private sector, by providing programs that provide:

  • subsidised support for industry engagement positions in member institutions,
  • central support services, and access to programs and expertise
  • leveraged funding to support relevant opportunities for sponsoring technology development, technology acceleration, industry engagement and IP protection